China Eastern Education Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Wu Wei (left), chairman and executive director of China Eastern Education, and Wu Junbao (right), non-executive director of China Eastern Education, opened the market

Vocational education provider China Eastern Education (stock code: 667.HK) was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 12, with an issue price of HK $ 11.25 per share and a total fund raised of approximately HK $ 4.9 billion.

  At 9:30 am on June 12, 2019, Wu Wei, Chairman and Executive Director of China Eastern Education, and Wu Junbao, a non-executive Director of China Eastern Education, boarded the main platform of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and kicked off the gong under the witness of the audience city.

  Wu Wei, Chairman and Executive Director of China Eastern Education, said in his speech that China Eastern Education Holdings Limited was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which was an important milestone in the company’s development history. In the future, Oriental Education will further consolidate China Oriental Education’s leading position in China’s vocational skills education industry, continuously improve the quality of teaching, continue to enrich and innovate courses, expand domestic and foreign markets, enhance our market leadership and reputation, and strive to provide the best in China Excellent vocational skills education.

  China Eastern Education’s subsidiary covers the domestic leading vocational education and training brands New Oriental Cooking, Xinhua Computer, Wantong Automobile, as well as emerging brands Omitch, Huaxin Zhiyuan, and Delicious Academy. As of December 31, 2018, New Oriental cooking education employment rate was 93.2%, Xinhua computer education employment rate was 93.1%, and Wantong Automotive Education employment rate was 97.3%. Behind the high employment rate is the demonstration of China Eastern Education’s comprehensive strength in terms of faculty, hardware facilities, curriculum research and development, and “dual teacher-enterprise”.

  With this listing in Hong Kong, China Orient Education hopes to fully integrate social resources, introduce more high-quality resources into vocational education, promote vocational education standardization, standardization, and internationalization, so that vocational skills education in China will develop better.

  The listing of Hong Kong stocks is a brand new starting point for China Eastern Education. China Eastern Education will further invest in curriculum innovation, improve the practical training model and teaching equipment, and continue to strengthen teaching quality and employment services.

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  For the future of vocational skills education, Wu Wei said that China Orient Education will still aim to run the best vocational education in China, establish five major employment centers in China, equip high-end equipment and high-quality teachers, and become the leading vocational education in China Demonstration base. At the same time, actively expand the construction of campus networks at home and abroad to provide students with more diversified courses and help students achieve high-quality employment through practical training in line with the market.