German Berlin Vocational Education Group visits China Eastern Education

In order to promote Sino-German vocational education exchanges and cooperation, Yan Jun, Chairman of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany, Siegfried Vogelsang, Chairman of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany, and Bo, President of the ABB Berlin Inter-Enterprise Training Center Bernhard Antmann and Wang Jian, Director of China Business Development of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany, were invited to investigate China Eastern Education and its affiliated institutions.

Wang Jian (second from left), China Director of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany, and Siegfried Vogelsang (first from right), Chairman of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany, visited Wantong College under China Eastern Education, and Vice President of China Eastern Education Group Sha Xu (second from right) and Tao Qing (first from left), general manager of the Automotive Division, were accompanied.

On November 18th, the delegation visited Nanjing Wantong Automobile School and conducted an inspection exchange. Sha Xu, Vice President of China Orient Education Group, Tao Qing, General Manager of Automotive Division, etc. met with the German delegation.

German Berlin Vocational Education Group understands Wantong’s new professional construction

On a clean and orderly campus, the delegation under the guidance of the introductory staff paid a serious visit to the training bases for automotive electromechanical, automotive sheet spraying, automotive beauty, automotive business, industrial robots and other projects. The functions of each training area were introduced in detail. Siegfried Vogelsang and others learned about the professional course design during the visit, watched the skills display, and carried out practical exercises with students with interest Training operation.

Tao Qing, General Manager of the Automotive Division, introduced the results of Wantong’s school to the German delegation

Chairman Siegfried Vogelsang said that Metrohm’s modern training equipment and neat training environment broke his original cognition, and such a professional training environment is rare in German schools. The rigorous teaching attitude of the teachers and the serious learning status of the students left a deep impression on him. The level of vocational education and the speed of development in China impressed him.

Siegfried Vogelsang watched Vantone student training

After the visit, the two sides had an exchange discussion on future cooperation in running schools. Sha Xu, vice president of China Eastern Education Group, introduced the development process of China Eastern Education to the German delegation, and exchanged views on the promotion of the group’s international education.

Mr. Sha said, “Developing vocational education with a global perspective and cultivating skilled talents with international standards” is the direction of our international school. Over the years, we have always insisted on serving social and economic development as the core, actively promoting the “going out and introducing” international school running ideas, based on professional construction, in curriculum reform, academic exchange, teacher exchange, overseas internship, exchange of study abroad, etc. In terms of continuous exploration and innovation.

The German delegation and the leaders of China Eastern Education Group held a cooperation and exchange forum

Siegfried Vogelsang spoke highly of the educational philosophy of China Eastern Education and introduced the development of the Berlin Vocational Education Group in Germany. Founded in 1992, the Berlin Vocational Education Group of Germany is the largest and most powerful group education and training organization in the Berlin region of Germany. It is responsible for the planning, implementation and management of cooperative projects in various vocational education fields in Berlin and China. , ABB, Siemens and other well-known enterprises have established close cooperation.

Group photo of German delegation and leaders of China Eastern Education Group

In a pleasant meeting atmosphere, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on topics such as the development of vocational education industry, school-enterprise cooperation, and how the needs of enterprises’ employment and school training ability match. Both parties stated that the German vocational education, especially the “dual system” vocational education and the “school-enterprise professional joint research and co-construction” advocated by Wantong have similarities. It is hoped that the two sides will take this opportunity to combine the excellent teaching experience of German “dual system” vocational education, rely on the government, education groups and Sino-German universities and other forces to jointly build a resource platform to promote both sides in vocational education, vocational training Strengthen cooperation in co-construction of schools and enterprises.